Clean Conscience Canada is a manufacturer and distributor of natural aromatherapy home and personal care products made from renewable sources and ingredients that are purchased using fair trade practices. Our products are blended with pure therapeutic grade essential oils for their great disinfecting properties, as well as their many health benefits, and of course because they smell fantastic!


Clean Conscience Canada was founded in 2012 by Amanda Schofield. Amanda had previously owned a cleaning company in Victoria, BC that was known for their cleaning product line Dusting Divas that were supplied to the Olympics in 2010. After 8 years, Amanda decided to close her business in Victoria and set out for new ventures. In 2011 she travelled to the city of Moshi in Tanzania, and worked with a group of women educating them on business and health. Amanda selected 9 women to be sponsored to start up their own business creating a line of cleaning products 'Freshi n Safi'. Upon  her return, Amanda relocated to Alberta and spent the next year creating the concept for a new company. She was inspired to create a new product line and launch a company that would make a difference in her community and globally.
In 2012 Amanda officially opened Clean Conscience Canada, a company that's core values are based on ethically sustainable business practices and a desire to create the purest of products.
Clean Conscience welcomes you to enjoy our Products with a Conscience and join our mission for a healthier sustainable planet for generations to come!                                  
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