Clean Conscience Canada

CLEAN CONSCIENCE HAS A BRAND NEW LOOK! CHECK US OUT AT WWW.JUSULIFE.COM Find all the same great products you have come to love with a fresh new look and feel! Jusu is an organization on a mission to make pure plant-based products for all aspects of life. We want to make it easier for you to choose pure products to protect your family, home and environment. JUSU Bar started in 2014 providing certified 100% organic food and beverage products through its bars across British Columbia and Alberta, as well as its e-commerce and wholesale distribution channels. As the JUSU mission grew the idea of “Pure and Protect” drove new innovations. This lead to the launch of JUSU Body in 2016, offering truly natural, organic and pulp-infused skincare to protect your body. From the beginning, JUSU’s founder and CEO Bruce Mullen always envisioned three pillars of Pure products to Protect you in life. With the first two pillars established JUSU began looking at developing a full Lifestyle brand leading him to discover Clean Conscience products in 2017. He knew then that this was JUSU Life. "Our vision is to help every man, woman and child understand and reap the benefits of high- quality, nutrient-rich, plant-based products and inspire them to take health and wellness into their own hands," said Bruce Mullen, Jusu's Founder, & CEO. Clean Conscience was founded in 2012 by Amanda Schofield, but its roots go back to 2002 when Amanda, running a growing cleaning business, realized the need for pure and natural, plant-based cleaning products to protect her and her customer’s from the chemical-based cleaners that fill our store shelves. Thus began her mission to develop and provide healthy, environmentally friendly “Products with a Conscience”. Clean Conscience quickly became a lifestyle brand, introducing new products, and expanding into aromatherapy products such as essential oils, spritzers, and body products. By 2017 Clean Conscience had a strong wholesale presence with boutiques across Canada carrying the products as well as Save-on-Foods and countless natural food and wellness stores. Amanda met Bruce in 2017 and they quickly realized they had a combined passion for pure, organic, plant-based products to not only protect consumers but the environment as well. Joining forces and creating JUSU Life gives Amanda, Bruce and JUSU the opportunity to expand their mission of PURE and PROTECT. "What started as a passion to create pure products and educate our consumers on healthy, natural alternatives is about to expand beyond anything we could have imagined, making a difference on a global reach. “Truly Incredible,” says Amanda Schofield, Founder & President. This will be an exciting year of development for JUSU as we continue to grow and roll out our new product lines. JUSU Life’s products can be found online (, at our bar locations and at select retailers across the globe. Both Amanda and Bruce’s family have a personal story that launched them down their respective paths to create healthy lifestyle companies. For more information on their story and background: